8 Things To Demystify the Internet

 Using the Internet

Whether chatting with a friend, sending mail or purchasing a product, it almost feels like there’s a single wire that connects you to what you want.

 What Is a Network?

When two sources share, it’s called a network. At any moment, billions of people are connected to a billion other things at the same time.

 What Is a Protocol?

How does this sharing all take place? It all works if billions of people all agree to play by the same rules. Another name for these rules that allow people to exchange information is Internet protocols. As we all keep agreeing to play by the same rules, we can keep adding more and more devices that connect and share information. Thus, billions upon billions of networks are created. The Internet is a “network of networks” that can share each other.

 How Is Information Shared?

Every device that’s sharing information on the Internet has its unique address. The only thing is the information sent doesn’t travel in one big lump. Rather, it’s broken up into tiny bits of data that each include what the information is, where it came from, and where it’s being sent.

 How Is Information Received?

Information sent can arrive by an infinite amount of routes. The receiving device, following an established protocol, knows how to reassemble the information. The mystery and amazing way that the Internet is constructed, means there are so many possible connections that there can be no single point where information being sent or received can fail. Brilliant indeed!

 What’s an Internet Provider?

An Internet provider is an organization that provides its customers with the service of using, accessing or participating on the Internet. There may be many providers, but they all agree to connect and exchange information. This agreement invariably speeds up the process for everyone’s benefit. The Internet works because it’s open, neutral, and totally decentralized.

 What is Frontier Internet?

Frontier Internet is a provider that can connect you to a universe of information.